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💎 Ruby Radar #9 - Junior Spotlight

💎 Ruby Radar #9 - Junior Spotlight
By Andrew Mason & Collin Jilbert • Issue #4 • View online
Welcome to the 9th edition of Ruby Radar! In this edition we have our first Junior spotlight, where we shine a light on someone in the community searching for a job as a Ruby on Rails developer. This week, we are putting the spotlight on Chris Wade, but next week this can be you if you contact us!

📝 I've made a dependency graph for DRY-RB Ruby gems family
Shopify Engineering
📆 We're joining @HexDevs for Open Source Thursdays livestream on August 5!

Shopify Principal Engineer and Rails core team member, @RafaelFranca is joining to share how you can get started with contributing to #RubyOnRails.

Save your spot! 🔽
💎 Haml 5.2.2 Release
💎 rails/importmap-rails
Ben Greenberg
💡 Rails Tip

Do you need some conditional redirects in a single Controller action, but getting a multiple redirect_to error?

Don't forget "redirect_to ... and return" in the first statement.

It's necessary to break out of further execution and remove that error message.
📺  How to update Ruby with Homebrew
📺 How to update Ruby with Homebrew
🎙 Learning in Public | Alpine & Inertia
🎙 The Benefits of a Test-Oriented Development Workflow with Chris LaBarge
📺  How to deploy Rails to a Staging Environment
📺 How to deploy Rails to a Staging Environment
⚡ Junior Spotlight: Chris Wade
Hi, I’m Chris from Melbourne, Australia. I recently finished the @LeWagonMEL boot-camp in March'21 where our final group project was a social network ‘for good’ ( ) utilizing Rails, JS, ActionCable, and OAuth. I’ve since gone on to learn React / Redux, StimulusJS, Tailwind CSS, and dove deeper into Web-sockets and HTML over the wire in general. 
I personally seem to steer towards the back-end, and building the foundations of a project. I would love to be involved with a team again, learning from seniors, I have a passion for Ruby, and would love to get it touch with any companies looking for an eager to learn candidate. 
Submit content or feedback on GitHub or via Twitter DM.
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