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💎 Ruby Radar #7 - Night Owl Edition

💎 Ruby Radar #7 - Night Owl Edition
By Andrew Mason & Collin Jilbert • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the seventh issue of Ruby Radar the one where we forgot to hit send. 😅
You may notice some change compared to last week. We are now using Revue, a newsletter service recently purchased by Twitter, which has drastically reduced the amount of time and effort needed to create these each week.
If you were following along via RSS, the new address is
You may have also noticed that we lost some friends during the move. We discovered at the last moment that you can only send out one newsletter per day so our attempted backfill before transferring the users out of Mailchimp failed. We did not want to delay releasing this issue, and we will be working with Revue to get the old posts backfilled appropriately.
Have any feedback? Let us know!

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My First Contribution to Rails
Lewis Youl
TIL It's possible to pass an SQL statement to ActiveRecord's pluck method.

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