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💎 Ruby Radar #67 - New Rails Release!



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💎 Ruby Radar #67 - New Rails Release!
By Andrew Mason & Collin Jilbert • Issue #62 • View online
Welcome to the 67th issue of Ruby Radar! This issue features new releases from Rails and Rack, a bit of Ruby pattern matching, ideas about organizing model files, and more!

🎙The Bike Shed: 353: Mental Models
🎙️ The brand new V2
Thiago Massa
Did you know pattern matching in Ruby could help you to enforce types on any Ruby data structure? 😲

This is what we'll learn Today on our Pattern matching in Ruby adventure 💎⛏

👇 Check it out (or as a gist: )
matt swanson 😈
Really digging this pattern for organizing different 'features' of a model.

Keeps related methods together and makes it easier to find relevant code as the codebase grows. Plus I can separate out test files by feature.
💎 rails/rails v7.0.4
💎 Release 3.0.0 · rack/rack · GitHub
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📺 [AnyCasts, Ep. 6] Learn to with AnyCable
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