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💎 Ruby Radar #22 - Tricks & Treats



💎 Ruby Radar #22 - Tricks & Treats
By Andrew Mason & Collin Jilbert • Issue #17 • View online
Welcome to the 22nd edition of Ruby Radar and a Happy Halloween to everyone! 👻🎃
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🎙 Remote Ruby - Destroy Async, Miss Hannigan, Wisper, and Parcel
🎙 The Bike Shed #314 - Communication, Testing, and Accountability
Nate Berkopec
Announcing: Sidekiq in Practice. Learn to scale Sidekiq from 0 to 10,000 jobs per second. CLI-driven workshop with hands-on code exercises and HD video, available now for $50 on Gumroad.
Steve Polito
For those of you who can't upgrade your #rails apps to Turbo, don't forget that you can still easily create real-time features with remote forms and a simple Stimulus controller.

Tutorial in the works, but you can see the formula below.
📺  How to use jQuery & jQueryUI with Esbuild
📺 How to use jQuery & jQueryUI with Esbuild
📺  Upgrading a Rails 6.1 application to Rails 7 - clearbnb - Part 7
📺 Upgrading a Rails 6.1 application to Rails 7 - clearbnb - Part 7
💎 ayushn21/maintenance_job
🚂 joemasilotti/
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