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💎 Ruby Radar #12 - Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

💎 Ruby Radar #12 - Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming
By Andrew Mason & Collin Jilbert • Issue #7 • View online
Welcome to the 12th edition of Ruby Radar! We are getting back on track with our release timings and will be aiming to have each issue go out by 10 am CST going forward.
Looking for your first Rails job? Be sure to contact us with a short (4 to 5 sentences) bio about yourself!

📺 How to Deploy to Kubernetes (k8s) via Kuby & GitHub Actions
Rafael França
GitHub copilot trying to guess my commit message to Rails. Saucy commentary about my code.
Lewis Youl
A great article for understanding rails makes its dependencies available.
📺 How to Contribute to Ruby on Rails | hexdevs
🎙The Ruby on Rails Podcast Episode 380: Equity for Developers with Aaron Kahn
🎙Pay V3 & Coding without Responsibilities | Remote Ruby
⚡ Junior Spotlight: Jaeson Lauritzen
Hi, I’m Jaeson, a self-taught Rubyist from the Pacific NW. I’m currently a SysAdmin by day and Rubyist by night, looking for an opportunity to transition into software engineering from a tangential career path as an IT professional. I learned networking in the military and now have 14 years of experience fulfilling a variety of roles from web developer to network/security engineer. I’m a determined problem solver and continual learner. I would love to hear from any companies looking to take on a junior who is eager to learn and grow.
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